Cardiac Rehabilitation, what is it?

The North Staffordshire University Hospital runs a Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme for patients following thier Heart Attack. The aims of the programme are to give support and guidance, life-style advice and in some cases an exercise programme tailored to the patients needs.

A Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit has existed in one form or another for some 20 years, and during this period many hundreds of patients have passed through it's doors. For many it is the first step in returning to a normal life-style. For others it has become a source of information so that they can better understand and manage their condition.

The programme consists of two sessions a week for upto four weeks. Sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These sessions are composed of health information topics related to recovery from a heart attack. In some cases individual exercise presciptions are also recommended.

Time will be given in each of the sessions for discussion and answering of questions as a group, or on an individual basis if required. The sessions are run by Nurses, an Exercise Therapist, Dietician and Pharmacist.

Typically a treadmill walking test will be arranged before enrolment into the programme. This is to help provide guidance on appropriate levels of exercise and to asses the need for any further tests.

If you have not been given an appointment whilst in hospital or in some cases at the exercise test you can attend when you feel able. We would encourage a relative of friend to accompany you. (Please ring for an appointment if you wish to attend).

If you are a Diabetic and attending the Gym. Please bring the following with you: Glucometer, Snack, Dextrose Tablets. At the Gym. Please wear loose/light clothes. Changing rooms and showers are available.

Normally when we have completed your programme you will be seen by a Cardiology Doctor. Click on the Sessions link above to learn a little about some of the topics covered in the programme.